Genuine 18k Gold Electroplate
The Gold Wellness Pendant is an amazing product that helps keep your energies lifted and balanced, PLUS it's an incredibly beautiful piece of jewelry that always gets lots of attention and comments. AND it is the perfect gift for someone you care about.

And now at a fraction of the price! Comparable pendants can sell for over 200.00. How do we do it? We are the direct importers. And we decided to price them so that everyone can afford to own one!
Listen Here to an audio testimonial from Cynthia Mulhoney, sharing her experience with the Gold Wellness Pendant compared to our regular Wellness Pendants.
New Technology from Asia
These pendants are made using a breakthrough technology, where they are put in a chamber and infused with frequencies. The molecules of the pendants start vibrating at these frequencies and when brought in proximity to the body,  enhance the body's biofield. Thus all the testimonies we receive regarding more energy, etc.  
Some Customer Comments:

I feel definite energy from the gold pendant
"I feel definite energy from the gold pendant. The first day I wore it I couldn't sleep all night because I kept feeling well and productive energy. Emphasis on 'wellness'. Couldn't stop doing things. Things that made me feel I was accomplishing. Then I was fine all day even though I hadn't slept. I've had to make a point of taking it off at bed time and then I put the silver more intuitive one on to sleep. This one feels a little heavier in weight than the other two, just something I noticed. The pendants in general have been very psychologically encouraging for me. I believe it affects my thoughts for the better. I've smiled more. Great product!" - Lisa Rodes, San Francisco

I feel calmer more balanced...
"I was experiencing intermittent dizziness for several weeks, which I attributed to neck issues. Although chiropractic treatment helped a bit, the symptoms persisted. As soon as I put the pendent on, the dizziness disappeared and has not returned during the two weeks I've worn it. In addition, I feel calmer--more balanced--my dreams are extremely lucid and nonstop. I also notice that others respond to me differently--very subtle, but definitely a more positive interaction--as if my ruffled feathers have been smoothed out. :-)" Marjorie Bennett
Quickly Noticed a Shift to Do More on Less
"I just wanted to write in about the amazing wellness pendant. I purchased it some time ago and quickly noticed a shift in my ability to do more on less. I could get up out of bed easier, accomplish more in a short time, I even moved all of my belongings from San Diego to LA in one afternoon by myself with a truck because of that pendant. My bf has a real problem getting up in the morning. Not only that, he's been traveling a lot between SD and LA a lot and often gets tired and even once fell asleep at the wheel because he gets drowsy. I thought I'd really give the wellness pendant the challenge and put it on him. I told him I wanted him to wear the pendant as a "love token" so he wouldn't get any idea about this thing boosting his energy.

Wouldn't you know it, days later he's getting up earlier than I am, he's more focused and feels that he can accomplish so much in a day than before. He said, "how is this possible?" And I told him about the pendant. Now he swears by it. He wouldn't give it back so I ordered a new one. I've been telling everyone about the pendant. It's 1 am and I'm up writing you because I just have so much energy!

Great product! Thank you so much.  I'll keep spreading the word." ... Mike Diaz, Los Angeles
Before (No Pendant)

Orange = impatience, anger, restlessness
After (Wearing Pendant)
Blue/green = healing, mental sharpness, communication

These two pictures show the change in someone's aura taken on the camera invented by Guy Coggins. They were taken at an expo in Los Angeles where Guy had a booth down the aisle from Wellness Pendant and he volunteered to see what would happen to someone's aura if he took a before and after picture with his camera, 

The top picture is the before picture. The red/orange color is one indication of anger. The green and blue in the lower
picture would indicate healing (green) and peacefulness (blue).
Some sort of energy from the stones is definitely exhibited here!
"I was wearing my gold wellness pendant yesterday at a classic car show. I sat behind our car, reading. When the sun came out, it reflected off my pendant and an image of my pendant glowed on the page. I could see it clearly with the swirls showing...but what seemed weird was that there were clearly three circular shadows on the image depicting the three stones imbeded in the BACK of the pendant (not exposed to the sun). Wow! Apparently, the stones absorbed the energy of the sun and prevented the light from being reflected off the front of it in those exact spots. Some sort of energy from the stones is definitely exhibited here. Amazing"....Laura 
Audio Testimonials:
Baker - one of the most sensitive psychics in Sedona

Jim - Works at the local AMPM in Sedona

Coleen - A mail order customer in Canada
1. MORE ENERGY                      
Order one 18k gold electroplate Wellness Pendant
Gold Ground with an 18k gold chain --  Only 44.00
Order one 18k gold electroplate Wellness Pendant
Gold Flow with a 18k gold chain -- Only 44.00
Special! Order them both, a Ground and a Flow, for  only 69.00.., Save 21.00.
You can also call in your order at 805-267-9263. 

You can mail in your order to:
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Metaphysicial and Healing Properties of Gold

Historically gold has been recognized for its healing properties and impact on one's moods and attitudes. We were not aware of all the historical benefits for the wearing of gold. We don't share this with any implication of claims, just for historical. Here's some things we discovered on our Google search....
"It is said that gold can balance energy fields, and is beneficial for opening and balancing the third eye 
and crown chakras. It can also balance the heart chakra. It can remove negative energy from
the chakras and bring in the positive from the stones it is with. Wearing gold during your everyday life increases your personal power, thus promoting courage, confidence, and will power. Gold is intimately liked with divinity, particularly with any gods associated with the sun."

"Although the Egyptians knew of the metaphysical and healing powers of gold, it was the great alchemist Paracelsus who first prepared gold colloid solution in modern times. He called his purple solution of gold Aurum Potable and believed it cured all manner of physical, mental, and spiritual ailments. "Gold receives its influence from the Sun," he wrote, "which is, as it were, the Heart of the world and by communicating these influences to the human heart it serves to fortify and cleanse it from all impurities." The alchemists believed that gold represented the perfection of matter, and that its presence in the body would enliven, rejuvenate, and cure a multitude of disturbances in the life force balance of thebody. In fact, the alchemists believed colloidal gold had a balancing and harmonizing effect on all levels of body, mind, and spirit. It was used to improve mental attitude and treat unstable mental and emotional states such as depression, melancholy, sorrow, fear, despair anguish, frustration, suicidal tendencies, seasonal affected disorder, poor memory, poor concentration, and many other unbalances in mind, body, and spirit."

"Among the metals, Gold's Magical Properties reign supreme. It is the metal of the Sun, the supreme deity of the ancients and still holds that place in the hierarchy of metals and their magickal properties. Not least because Gold is said to reflect and show theinner beauty of those who wear it.

The magical healing powers of Gold have been known about since prehistoric man walked the Earth. It stimulates both the skeletal and circulatory systems as well as being extensively used in matters relating to the skin

Gold can influence appetite and can enhance the digestive system. It is often used as an amulet in aiding the treatment of eating disorders or to help remedy suffering coming from digestion or fromthe digestive system itself."
"Jewelry made from gold is said to bring pain relief, especially from arthritic or inflammation discomfort.

The magical properties of Gold are used extensively in Wealth Spellcraft and for attracting the best of fortunes. It symbolizes wealth and fortune and Gold magick is therefore also employed to increase confidence and self esteem. as well as the wealth of increased wisdom, understanding and the power from within.

Gold also protects as well as attracts and a talisman, amulet or a piece of jewelry will ward off negative energies.
Gold is associated with opening the third Eye and Crown Chakras.


"Gold adornments are metaphysically associated with the sun. The sun represents power and warmth and gold jewelry is
believed to project these characteristics in the wearer."

"Gold calms the emotions of a person and makes them more balanced and calm, as it is more difficult to anger these people. It helps to be independent of moods, to make decisions at the level of sense and not at emotional levels. People
who are easily frustrated should wear gold chains with medallions. Place medallion so that it touches the top of the solar plexus. This will act comforting." 
(Comment: If you already own one of our other pendants, we've noticed the benefit of alternating from one model to another. The slight shift in frequencies keeps your body more attentive the the energies.)

Order one Gold Ground Wellness Pendant - 
18k gold electroplate for 44.00. Flat 5.00, regardless of quantity, shipping US, 10.00 shipping foreign
Order one Gold Flow Wellness Pendant - 
18k gold electroplate for 44.00. Flat 5.00, regardless of quantity, shipping US, 10.00 shipping foreign
Special! Order them both, a Ground and a Flow, for only 69.00.., Save 21.00.
Only 44.00
100% Guaranteed
Gold Ground - 44
Energy, Endurance, focus
Gold Flow - 44
Meditation, Inspiration, Higher Chakra Activation

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